How will I access the Festival?

A few days before the Festival is due to begin, you will be sent a link directing you to the Festival Community platform where we are hosting the event

What time does the Festival start?

The Festival starts at 10am BST on 10 June.

Do I need to pay again for Part Two and Part Three of the Festival?

Yes, each part is billed separately and you can register and pay for as many parts as you like. We hope to announce the line-up for Part Two by the end of June and Part Three by the end of September.

How long will my access to Part One last?

You will have access to Part One until the end of August.

I need an invoice for my employer in order to recover the costs

We will email you a receipt for the event so that you can claim the cost back.

Can I pay on invoice?

Payment on invoice is available for group bookings over £500.

What if I can’t watch all the sessions live?

Don’t worry, all the sessions are recorded and can be watched on demand at your leisure. The sessions in Part One will be available to view until the end of July.

What about CPD/CPE points?

You’ll receive a certificate of attendance at the end of July for Part One. Our smart analytics will be able to track where you have been and what you have watched/read so we can give you an accurate CPD report. 

Why do we have to wait so long?

We want you to get the most out of the Festival and allow you to catch-up on missed sessions and chat to your colleagues in the community hub.

What if I can’t wait that long and need to submit my CPD/E before then?

No problem, email the events team ( and we can provide you with your most up-to-date log.

Can I share my login details?

In order for us to issue a certificate of attendance, you will need to register individually.

Can I see who else is attending?

Yes, you can, and we actively encourage you to seek out likeminded colleagues. There are several community chat rooms where you can network virtually.

What if I don’t want my name and details appearing in the Festival Directory?

You can hide your profile on the Festival site by clicking on the Edit Profile tab.

Can I watch on any device?

Yes, you can. The Festival site and webinar platform will work just as well on your mobile, tablet or desktop.