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"Often Compliance Professionals are loners in the workplace and this sense of community has been much appreciated especially during the Covid - 19 Lockdown "
"It was a unique opportunity to listen to industry experts and share best practice with colleagues from global jurisdictions. This is the ultimate industry event and a "must attend" for all compliance professionals who wish to sharpen their knowledge. "
"The ICA conference, as always, has been a valuable investment of time and money. Diverse backgrounds of speakers, keen attention to hot topics, and, of course, a great opportunity to meet old friends as well as make new connections. "
"There is a real sense of the international community coming to an event like this … Joining ICA will enable you to get a professional qualification and be a part of the compliance professionals’ community and enjoy the networking that comes with it. "
"This was my first conference and thoroughly enjoyed the entire event. Well organised and each speaker made you feel part of their journey, involving the audience where appropriate and no answer was wrong - appreciative that everyone had an opinion. "
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