Thriving as a leader in challenging times

As part of the BIG Compliance Festival, we’re excited to introduce a virtual roundtable session focusing on building your capabilities as a leader in these challenging times.

Our worlds have been turned upside down. Organisations are having to re-think their entire strategy, from productivity to profits. CEOs recognise that their top priority is to put their people’s safety and wellbeing first, and their Mental Toughness will be crucial for the organisation’s survival.

As a leading authority in Mental Toughness, Penny Mallory will facilitate a 90-minute interactive, thought-provoking, and transformational session, diving into your current challenges, in the safety of your peer group. Penny will explore with you, the application of the 4 Constructs of Mental Toughness to ensure you and your organisations’ future success:

Control: How you feel you are in control of your life and your emotions
Confidence: How you feel about your ability to approach and complete a task, and how you influence others
Challenge: How you see a challenge - as a threat or opportunity, and how you apply to learn from setbacks
Commitment: How committed you are to completing goals

Choose from the following dates and hurry as places are strictly limited:

  • 23 June at 9.30am BST
  • 6 July at 4pm BST
  • 22 July at 9.30am BST
  • 18 August at 2.30pm BST
  • 22 September at 12pm BST


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